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Q1: Why should I use Sarah's Super Center Online Coupon Codes Deal Page?

A: First, thank you for choosing Sarah's Super Center. We realize that you have the choice to visit and utilize the services of anyone you choose. We value you as a customer and enjoy searching for deals to make your life easier. This is our mission. You can find exclusive promotions and deals on our site without having to engage in long Internet or store searches. We save you both time and money.


Q2: Do the coupons on your site expire?

A: Yes.Expiration dates for coupons are noted. Coupons and specials are updated frequently. Be sure to check back often for new deals.


Q3: Do you ship and deliver your own products.

A: Sarah's Super Center operates an online center that ships general merchandise. Business to Business and Consumer merchandise is available at our Sarah's Super Center Dollar Days store. We also operate a general merchandise online store, and we operate a sister business called AVON Independent Sales. You can visit our sister sites: Sarah's Super Center Specialty Gifts and Bargains
and AVON Independent Sales, by clicking their links .


Q4: Do you charge for the services on your site?

A: No, all coupons and specials are provided for your free of charge as well as any newsletters and memberships.


Q5: How do I redeem coupons?

A: You redeem coupons by clicking on the links. Some links will automatically redeem your coupon with merchant. Others will require you to write down the code and enter it during checkout.