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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Traditional Black Friday or Black Friday Online?

As you may know by now, this Friday is "Black Friday". Black Friday is the name given to the day after the American holiday, Thanksgiving. This day kicks off the shopping holiday season. Black Friday was first introduced in 1961, and has been a tradition ever since.

Basically, it is a key time for retailers, as they have the opportunity to give you what you are looking for, at super-discounted prices, while boosting their sales and profitability. This helps make the economy go around.

Traditionally, stores would open as early as 6am, then later, 4am, and now as early as midnight. This year, Walmart plans to outrun its competition, by opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving evening.

What has also become a tradition is: the Traditional Cyber Monday, the day that's included in the Black Friday sales event, but takes place online. Black Friday was once an in-store sales event, while Cyber Monday took place online. Today, that has changed. Black Friday has become infamous for its online blow-out deals. And it seems that the online sales event is taking over as a preference for Black Friday shoppers. But why?

In the recent years, Black Friday, has become a time of great turmoil, and even grave danger. Time and time again, we have heard how countless amounts of people have been badly hurt, or tragically, killed during these sales events. In these headlines, you can see that Black Friday has taken on a new feel for customers; where the event is supposed to take the retailers out of the red, and move their sales back into the Black, thus, it has become a "black" or "dark" Friday for everyone involved.

Black Friday Turns Deadly; Hundreds Left Unconscious, Injured and Trampled [Graphic VIDEOS]

This video was recorded at a Walmart SuperStore, at last year's Black Friday event, (2011)

Walmart still battling Black Friday trampling fine from

In 2008, a Walmart associate was trampled to death, during a Black Friday event, in a Walmart Store. OSHA allegedly fined the mega retailer, $7,000, in a claim that Walmart did not do enough to control the crowds. According to the findings in this article, the case is still pending.

Did you hear? In addition, a pregnant woman was trampled upon, and suffered a miscarriage. And three others were injured on that day.

Here's another article on the same matter by, from back in 2010

Walmart fights $7,000 fine in Black Friday

In the article, Walmart made a statement that it would gather a committee to work on better safety. Don't quote me on this, but I believe this is another reason the store has decided to beat the crowds on Friday. I believe this is a way for them to better handle the rush, if people can get to the deals, before the streets and stores become crowded with people. So opening on 8pm on Thanksgiving is not just to get more sales than the competition. It's about safety. 

And if death isn't tragic enough, how about feeling like you are dead? This next video talks about the women who would do anything to get an Xbox360 at 50% off. Can someone say, "That's my Xbox... mine, mine, mine." This is exactly how childish this women acted this day. Take a look.

Pepper spray? Really? And she even sprayed little children. Now, did you hear the Fox News reporter state that she's not going to get away with this? Well, actually, she did. The police eventually found her, but she was not charged. They concluded that there was just not enough evidence to prosecute.

See more details in this next article:
No Felony Charges for LA Walmart Pepper Sprayer-Yahoo News

This Black Friday, shoppers are expressing their concerns. Worried Walmart shoppers in Porter Ranch met with officials Tuesday to make sure Black Friday runs without a "stich" this year. KCAL9's Kristine Lazar reports.

Yahoo News reports that shoppers met with Walmart officials on Tuesday, to find out what the megastore is doing this year to assure their security.

View the video report here:

Despite all this "bad and tragic news", many people still love the Traditional feel of Black Friday.

So, what do you think? Traditional Black Friday or Black Friday Online?

Will you be staying home this Black Friday, or will you "brave it out", and head to the stores? I would love to hear your take on all of this. Feel free to add your comments below. 

Whatever you decide to do, remember, safety is the most important part of this day. Nothing in these stores are worth harming another over, or losing your life over.

Happy and Safe Black Friday Shopping Day to you!

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