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Monday, December 23, 2013

This Week's Latest Shopping News and Tips-12/23/2013

Shopping News and Tips

Hello, and Happy Monday everyone!

I've been doing some brainstorming, and came up with a new idea for our coupons and deals blog spot. I'll be sharing weekly blog posts; related to shopping news, as well as sharing some shopping insider tips. I invite you to follow us, by email, google, bookmark our page, to get these weekly updates. (You can find our follow links, at the right of this page).

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This week's news and tips:

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Strategies for Procrastinators- Source: ABC News

Sometimes it's hard to get everything on your list of things-to-do, done. And the holidays seem to be one of those definite times. If you've jumped on the procrastination train; whether by choice, or not, you can still meet the deadline. Here's some tips you can follow.  

Tip: Shop Amazon - Free One-Day Shipping on Last Minute Gift Ideas Click link to get this deal! (Offer expires 12/23/2013)

Target Customers Seeing Red Over Store’s Credit Card Response- Source: ABC News

Maybe you've heard? Target Department Store was hit by hackers, last week; stealing over 40 million debit/credit card accounts from Target's Customers. Target did respond to customers, but many were not happy at all. 

Tip: Always safeguard your credit card information. Do not discard your receipts, and statements. If you don't wish to keep them, throw them away at home; and perhaps, even run them through the shredder.

Debit Cards: Do not share your pin with anyone except those whom need to have it; a well-trusted and close family member or spouse. When making purchases at a point-of-sale terminal, (in-store cash register), do not allow anyone to see your pin. Be discreet. Enter your pin with your opposite hand covering terminal, or turn terminal so you are the only one facing it.(People could be lurking around, watching you, and following you, just to get your information.)

More Security: Have you ever heard of an Electronic Security Wallet Protector? You may not know the latest hacking techniques, but, hackers and credit card thieves are finding more and more unique ways to commit identity theft, and steal your information. Apparently, they can use an RFID scanner to scan your credit card information; now, as long as you are in proximity of a satellite tower. They can, then use your information, without even needing the physical card.
There are security measures you can take.

I recommend the following products. Just click on the image links, to get this deal(s)

Credit Monitoring-It may also be a good idea to check your credit reports for suspicious activity. You can use any of the Credit Monitoring Services: Equifax, Experian ,TransUnion,
Small Businesses:
Get Equifax Business Credit Monitoring Now!

On an immediate and low-scale level, check your credit card/bank statements. If you have online banking, you can log into your accounts, daily, and check your accounts. You can also setup mobile/email alerts, that will alert you of any real-time account changes. (Just check with your bank, on how to go about setting up these free services).
If you notice anything unusual about your accounts; unexpected charges/withdrawals, and even deposits, contact your bank's fraud department immediately. (I believe this department is open 24/7)

Internet Security-As always, it is suggested that you do not leave your computer unprotected. Hackers and thieves are just waiting to access your information. I have provided a list of  Internet Security Products for you to choose from.

If you already have Internet Security, be sure that your program is up-to-date; automatic and real-time scanning is recommended, as well as scheduling scans on a weekly basis.

Last, but not least:

Beyonce Makes Surprise Walmart Visit & Buys Everyone in the Store a $50 Walmart Gift

Beyonce Image

This past weekend, renowned singer/song-writer/actress, Beyonce, made a surprise visit to Walmart. She started her holiday shopping early, and surprised everyone in the store with $50 gift cards; totaling over $37,000. (You can only imagine the excitement from fans and shoppers, that day.) 


Well, everyone; that's it for this edition. Tune in next week for the latest. Wishing you all Happy Holidays, from Sarah's Super Center. 
Until next week, take care!

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