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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Having a Snow Day- Great Time For Coupon and Deal Searching-New Deals Enclosed

Hey there, Sarah's Super Center Deals And Coupons Fans,

It's another snow day today. (Here's some of pics of what a snow day looks like, in Newport News, VA)

These next first 4 pics are from the early morning, around 6am

And here is what it looks like around 2pm. (The snow has stopped, and walkways have been cleared, but not too much melting taking place :). (Maybe my family and I can build a snowman later, if it's dry enough). Will have to weigh in with our local news, on Wavy 10 :)

Now, Usually, I'm out and about, running errands. But, today, I've had to make a major shift change. All of a sudden, my calendar was changed. I'm finding myself indoors, with no idea what to do. 
Then, I got an idea. What a great time to find some coupons and deals.

And here's what I've found: To catch these deals, just click on the links. If you see a coupon code, jot it down to use during checkout



These deals are just in time. This Winter Weather has really taken most of us on a ride; including our cars. While I'm posting automotive deals, I want to share a neat tip that I picked up from our local Wavy 10 News 

Wavy 10's Great Tip for Stuck Vehicles:  Lots of vehicles are getting stuck in the snow. Here's a way you can get out: (This is for those who get stuck in a pile of snow, not a ditch)

Step 1: First, make sure your car is in the Park position, and remove any snow around the stuck tire
Step 2: Take your car mat: rubbery side, and place it directly in front of the stuck tire
Step 3: Either you or someone else who can drive the vehicle; put car in drive, then press slightly on the accelerator. (Your vehicle should roll out of the stuck position).

Cool huh?

Well, I hope you never have to use this tip; but, just in case, in most cases; it does work. And now, onto the deals

$30 Off Orders of $90+ with code HUGE30 at!! Limited Time Only!

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Take 15% Off $50+ Orders Plus Get $25BB to Use on a Future $50+ Order with code JR26 at! Ends 2/8 Expires 2/8/014

Take 15% Off $50+ Orders Plus Get $25BB to Use on a Future $50+ Order with code JR26 at! Ends 2/8

Over 1,000 items under $9.99 at!

Save up to $250 on Designer Comforter Sets from! Online only. Limited time offer - while supplies last!

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Hot Product: Prices Reduced by 25% - 50% on Candice Olson Bedding

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Cafe Britt

100% Costa Rica Gourmet Coffee - FREE shipping on 20 bags!

Give the gift of Costa Rican coffee. Expedited Shipping available

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Chicago Steak Company

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Well, that sums it up for today's deals. But, not to worry. There's plenty more deals out there. And, I'll be at work at it again. To get more deals and updates,  don't forget to join us on Facebook.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week's Latest Shopping News and Tips-1/26/2014-Mall Shooting,Product Recall, A Home Depot Hero and More

Hello everyone,
It's Shopping News and Tips time. Sad to have to start out with the following news information. It appears that another mall shooting incident has occurred.

Three dead in US shopping centre shooting in Maryland- Source:

The mall was under a lockdown when a shooting took place in the shopping centre
Image Credit:
A gunman opened fire with a shot gun in a skate shop at a crowded shopping mall near Baltimore, killing two store employees and wounding another person, then apparently killing himself.
Howard County police said they did not know the motive for the shooting at the large mall in Columbia, Maryland, 32 km west of Baltimore.

Read More Here

(This is a tragic moment. Please remember all those involved, and their loved ones in your prayers)

Next up:

FBI warns retailers to expect more credit card breaches-Source:

Since the Target breach incident that affected at least 70 million customers, and possibly up to 120 million, there has been more concern about the possibility of more breaches. South Korea did report, shortly after Target's incident, that a department store's credit card processing system had also been hacked into.

Now the FBI is warning that there may be more imminent attacks .  Here's an excerpt from

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The FBI has warned U.S. retailers to prepare for more cyber attacks after discovering about 20 hacking cases in the past year that involved the same kind of malicious software used against Target Corp in the holiday shopping season.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation distributed a confidential, three-page report to retail companies last week describing the risks posed by "memory-parsing" malware that infects point-of-sale (POS) systems, which include cash registers and credit-card swiping machines found in store checkout aisles.
"We believe POS malware crime will continue to grow over the near term, despite law enforcement and security firms' actions to mitigate it," said the FBI report, seen by Reuters.

Read More Here

Related News from

Next up:
Recall- Parts that can cause toilets to burst are
Flushmate, the maker of a high-pressure flushing system sold at Home Depot and Lowe's, is expanding its recall of the parts, because they can burst near a seam with force enough to shatter the toilet tank.

Read more here:
Read More Here

Next up: The Home Depot Acquires

Read more here:

Hey, all you Home Depot fans. Now, you've got one more reason to shop your favorite home improvement store. As of Jan 23, 2014, has become a part of the Home Depot Family.

Read More Here

Speaking of Home Depot...Have you heard? There's a hero in town. Yes, a Home Depot hero. A 19 year old South Anchorage, Alaskan Home Depot Worker miraculously saved an infant baby girl, who was in her car seat, and left on top of a shopping belt. The infant's seat was toppling over, and 19 year old, Christopher Strickland, turned around and caught the baby, just in time.

Read more and watch the video here- Source:

And now for our: Shopping Tip of the Week

When Is the Best Time To Go Grocery Shopping?- Shopping time doesn't have to be a stressful time. I can tell you that when I personally do these things, it makes my shopping experience a whole lot better.

  1. Shop early in the Morning-  Reason: The trucks have usually finished their rounds, and this is the time when you can get some of the freshest foods. 
  2. Shop on Wednesdays: (For Shoppers who are looking to save the most and get the most discounts. Save even more by bringing those coupons to the store)
  3. Avoid Saturday Shopping: (If you hate crowds)- If you do not want a lot of store traffic clogging up your shopping day, then avoid Saturday shopping, at all cost). Saturday is the most busy day for shopping.

Finally- our Top Deal Pick of the Week

Make Your Mark-Avon's Mark brand has hot fashion, makeup, jewelry and accessories, waiting for you. From the trendy teen to the seasoned women of 50; shop now, and make your Mark.

And here's a sweet deal for you:

FREE Shipping on any $40 order -use code: MARKLS40 Valid through 2/20! (Click the link to catch this deal)

Well, everyone,
That sums ups this week's shopping news and tips. Thank you for joining me today. I hope you have a safe and happy weekend, as we get ready to wrap up the weekend. Please join me here again, next week. Share our blog post with your friends, so they can join in too. The more the merrier :)  C ya! :)

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