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Friday, February 26, 2010

New Credit Card Rules: What You Need to Know......

The Federal Reserve new credit card rules bring benefits for credit card users. This time is the greatest in recession history for credit card users who want to get out of debt. Some key changes:

  • Credit Card Companies must inform you when they plan to increase your rate or other fees
  • They must tell you how long it will take to pay off your balance
New Rules concerning rates, fees and limits
  • No interest rate increases for the first year
  • Increased rates apply only to new charges
  • Restrictions on over-the-limit transactions
  • Caps on high-fee cards
  • Protections for underage consumers
Changes to Billing and Payment
  • Standard payment dates and times
  • Payments directed to highest interest balances first
  • No two-cycle (double-cycle) billing
To read more in-depth, visit FRB: (Federal Reserve Board) Consumer Info

I believe that these laws are an opportunity for both credit card companies and consumers to take responsibility for the misuse of credit; whether it was out of ignorance or plain carelessness. Now, it is up to each individual to make a plan to get out of debt and stay out. All debt is not bad, so I am certainly not telling you that you should stop using credit cards. What I am telling you is, if you decide to use credit cards, use them wisely. For in my opinion, this is what makes our economy flourish.
Can we recover? I believe. Overnight? No, certainly not. But starting today can take you one step closer to your destiny.

Below is a suggested resource list on consumer info and getting out of debt. Thank you sincerely for reading this post and I wish you the best in all your plans.

Sarah Kim
Sarah's Super Center Blog Spot

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wii Product Recommendations to Help You Get Into Shape

Summer is still a little ways off, but it can sneak up on you quickly. I want to help you get ready to show off your new body for summer. But I also want you to focus on overall health and fitness. I have searched out some products and want to share my recommendations.

These products are great for the beginner down to the fitness master.  Take a look!

Biggest Loser (Wii) Features:
  • Join The Biggest Loser Challenge! Select from a 4, 8 or 12 week program and compete with contestants from the prior seasons of The Biggest Loser.
  • Personalize your Program! Choose your challenge length and difficulty level, your personal goal, your trainer, customize routines and even pick your team color!
  • Health & Lifestyle Tips and Information! Includes healthy recipes from The Biggest Loser Cookbook, a calorie counter and healthy tips and suggestions from Bob and Jillian, Chefs and Contestants.
  • Train with a Friend! Two players can train together and compete in weekly challenges to see who really is The Biggest Loser!
  • A Complete Workout! Over 88 exercises, including upper and lower body, core, cardio and yoga.


EA Sports Active (Wii) EA Sports Active and Wii tracks your movements on screen to give you real time feedback on your workout. Track both upper and lower body movements and experience Wii controls in a whole new way with our specially designed leg straps. There will be one provided in each box so you can work out alongside a friend or family member.

Embark on the 30 Day Challenge with the EA Sports Active and use the structure as a road map to reach your goals. Your trainer will be the focal point of the experience and create a new 20 minute workout for you every day, providing clear instruction, motivation and positive encouragement.

EA Sports Active features a wide variety of activities that target upper body, lower body, as well as cardio. Each daily workout will feel different then the last and increase in intensity as you work up a sweat towards your goals. In the custom workout mode, you can cater the length of the workout to the time you have available, which body areas you want to focus on and identify your favorite of the over 20 exercises - and you will see how many calories you are burning in real time.

EA Sports Active and Wii gives you the benefit of a personal trainer right into your living room and the promise of a better you.

EA Sports Active and Wii Key Features:

  • Active Fitness Made Fun and Easy - 20 minute circuits feature variety and familiar activities that target upper body, lower body as well as cardio. Start off with a run, followed by bicep curls and get your heart beating with some cardio boxing. Get fit and have fun with the EA Sports Active and Wii.
  • Benefit of a Trainer in a Box - Your trainer will be the focal point of the experience guiding you towards your own version of personal achievement. Feedback will be given throughout your workout, keeping you on track to reach your fitness goals.

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    Wii Fitness Manual from

    Wii Fitness - Get Fit, Healthy and Have Fun with Your Nintendo Wii: Pt. 1: For Owners of Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports Resort, EA Active and Many More...

    Wii Fitness - Get Fit, Healthy and Have Fun with Your Nintendo Wii: Pt. 1: For Owners of Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, Wii Sports Resort, EA Active and Many More...

    As I stated earlier in this post, I want you to focus on overall fitness. Exercise is just a start. Healthy eating, sleep, relaxation, your spiritual, physical and mental life all play a part in your over-all well being.

    I would like to list a couple of links that I believe to be beneficial.

     I hope that these products will help you achieve your fitness goals. If you are a user of these products or have any questions or comments, please feel free to add them to this post. I would love to hear what you think and how you are doing in reaching your over-all fitness goals.

    Sarah Kim
    Sarah's Super Center Blog Spot Manager